Jun 21, 2021
Shiloh Lesner

For years, Apple customers have enjoyed the smug sense of superiority over Android users that came with every purchase. It’s part of what made the brand the trillion dollar powerhouse that it is today.

But following its recent move towards selling every item separately (including chargers and headphones), Apple is now selling its superiority complex separately from purchases as part of a $49.99 package they’ve named iRule. For those wishing to buy and use Apple products without feeling like they’re better than everyone else, they can do so without the extra $49.99 charge.

Chester LaCrosse is one of those guys who lines up 11 hours in advance to buy Apple products that he could get online the very next day, and when we asked him about this latest move he eagerly responded, “I’m 100% going to buy the iRule package every time. My identity is tied so closely to Apple products I’d be an idiot not to."

Other items Apple is considering selling separately include: fake screens you can buy just to peel the plastic off of, the prongs on the charger so you can plug it into an outlet, and the letter “r” for the keyboard.

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