Feb 25, 2021
Shiloh Lesner

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - After years of Customer Success teams working to get a seat at the table and be acknowledged as a leading growth center, they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. 

Historically, Customer Success teams have managed contract renewals, upsells, expansions, customer experience, customer support, product marketing, content marketing, product management, community, events, and making the coffee in the office kitchen. 

Due to the pandemic however, Customer Success teams have had to rein in their responsibilities to focus primarily on customer retention; something most companies didn’t really care about before 2020. 

Alexander Jones told The Unicornian, “We didn’t really care about providing a great customer experience because we could always just sell new customers!” But in 2021, Jones and other CROs have had to think twice about customer retention, and have subsequently increased their investment in Customer Success. “We lost half our revenue this year because of the pandemic, so we’re hoping that with these additional resources, our CS team will be able to turn that all around by March.”

Customer Success teams around the world are thrilled to see the larger budgets and are hopeful that within the next 10 years they will be able to enjoy luxuries such as separate Zoom accounts so they don’t all have to share one license, as well as chairs for their desks.

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