Apr 1, 2021
Norma Jean

NEW YORK, NY - Catalyst Software has been aggressive about innovating and launching new products, features, and integrations since its launch, and today’s announcement is no exception. Catalyst has launched RetainMe, a dating app exclusively for Customer Success Managers, with the goal of competing with industry incumbents like Tinder and Bumble (which recently IPO’d at over $2 Billion).

From B2B to Bae-2-Bae

Catalyst believes that it can bring a “Customer Success” approach to the dating industry by being focused on desired outcomes, and leveraging the industry’s deep knowledge of relationship-building, churn mitigation, and customer experience. A spokesperson for Catalyst told The Unicornian:

“Most dating apps just get you in the door. They don’t care what happens afterwards. RetainMe is built with the latest relationship-building algorithms. It checks in with you periodically throughout your dating journey, it gives you first-date icebreaker questions, prompts you when it might be time to do a relationship check-in (or Q-Bae-R), and nudges you if your relationship is not progressing at an optimal pace.” 


Catalyst has operated in the Software-as-a-Service space since its inception, and they see this move into Soulmates-as-a-Service as a perfectly natural progression. The company also highlighted several studies that show a strong correlation between happily partnered CSMs and an increase in productivity and employee retention.

When asked about the reason for the product launch, Catalyst COO Kevin Chiu said “Our investors had been pushing us to think differently from our competitors and innovate, and one day it dawned on me: The technology piece is only half the puzzle. The CSM is the other half. If we can help CSMs by levelling up their software AND by levelling up their personal lives, we’ll be unstoppable.”

The Future of Customer Experience

The launch of RetainMe marks just the latest in Catalyst’s investment in the future of customer experience. Their team has a number of upcoming launches in the works that go, as they put it, “beyond the platform,” including:

  • CoffeeMeetsCSM - an extra dark, extra strong, extra caffeinated coffee bean that is so powerful, doctors recommend only the most stressed out CSMs consume it.
  • Land & Expand Home Renovation - for CSMs who are too busy with renewals to manage their home renovations. 
  • EarSave - a smartphone app that emits periodic responses like “mhm,” “oh really,” and “you’re right” during phone calls with people who talk your ear off, so that you can just put your phone down and get back to work.

To learn more and/or to find your match, click here to check out RetainMe! 

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