Oct 13, 2021
Borris Strader

Following SuccessHacker’s widely celebrated list of the Top 100 Influencers & Strategists in Customer Success, Catalyst Software is announcing their own list of CS leaders.

Catalyst’s list however, is composed of Customer Success leaders they want to sell to rather than those who are having a major impact on the industry (though there is quite a bit of crossover). 

When asked how this could possibly ever work, their Head of Marketing, Mike Roberts, elaborated on his strategy to The Unicornian:

“Clearly, people love lists. They loved being tagged on social media. They love exclusivity. So why not create a list that will celebrate all the incredible CS leaders we want to buy our platform."

Catalyst has not made this exciting new list public yet, however their sales team will be reaching out shortly to notify the winners of this prestigious honor.

Want to make sure you make the list? Click here!

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