Apr 15, 2021
Frank Ortega Schmitz-Buechel

SANTA MONICA, CA - Startup CEO Brian Remuer has banned humans from the offices of SmartSilk after a series of complaints made by an employee with allergies. 

“It really was a simple choice,” explained Remuer (@DogLover2000 on Twitter), “I always promised myself that when I was in charge of a company, there would be lots of dogs at the office, so sending them away wasn’t an option.”

Remeur debated allowing the person with allergies to work from home, but felt that that wasn’t fair to the rest of the employees, so instead he implemented a mandatory work-from-home policy for the entire company, except for himself.

“Now it’s just me and 50-60 dogs every day! Besides the smell and occasional ‘accident’ this is the most ideal working situation ever.” Remuer said. 

Remuer has since put Fluffles, a 4 month-old toy poodle, in charge of company culture, which has led to significant changes around the office, including

  • Daily tennis ball delivery
  • A keg full of hose water
  • Unlimited treats
  • A new dirty piece of rope for every employee
  • A designated "self-licking" corner

Whether or not this shift will impact the company’s profitability remains to be seen. Fluffles told The Unicornian the outlook is “ruff,” however Remeur remains optimistic about this new company direction.

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