Apr 20, 2021
Caligula Walker

The Unicornian investigate journalism unit has finally uncovered the answer to a question that has plagued content marketers for decades: Is It Ebook, eBook, or e-book?

In order to answer this question, our team had to conduct incredibly intense research. Three interns got lost on our team’s visit to the New York Public Library, never to be seen again, there were several meetings that involved trench coats and underground parking lots, and secret tapes were mailed to our offices by someone known only as "Deep Linguist."

There are those who believe that it is not a “real word” at all, however this is purely based on ignorance. These are the same people who don’t know other commonplace words like whiffle, poltophagy, or spanghew.

No dear readers, it is absolutely a real word, and it has a correct spelling… and that spelling… is eBook. If you’re starting a sentence with it (though we don’t know why in the Sam Hill you would), then Ebook would be acceptable—however, we implore you to never start a sentence with the word “eBook.

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