Sep 13, 2021
Robin Porterson

NEW YORK, NY - Every year, people look forward to seeing the highly respected Forbes 30 Under 30 and 40 Under 40 lists. This year however, Forbes has announced that they are adding a new category: 10 Under 10. This new list is meant to celebrate the Kindergarteners and grade-school children that are making major waves in the world.

This year’s winners include:

Name: Timmy Klein

Age: 7

Accomplishment: Ate over 47 worms in one day

Name: Sarah Truman

Age: 9

Accomplishment: Brushed teeth without being told to

Name: Kalina Terez

Age: 2

Accomplishment: Wasn’t fooled by “peekaboo”

Name: James Beale

Age: 4

Accomplishment: Colored within the lines

Name: Lester Calleja

Age: 5

Accomplishment: Spelled “cat” correctly

Name: Kiana Reddin

Age: 9

Accomplishment: Didn’t pick her nose for 8 hours

Name: Lizzy Ng

Age: 5

Accomplishment: Recited the full alphabet

Name: Tommy Gilford

Age: 4

Accomplishment: Didn’t wet the bed for 3 nights in a row

Name: Briana Kwok

Age: 8

Accomplishment: Accurately read an analog clock

Name: Chelsea Rosenbaum

Age: 8

Accomplishment: Successfully differentiated between right and left

Thank you to Forbes for continuing to recognize and elevate the best among us. These youngsters are all clearly destined for greatness, and given all they accomplished in 2021, it is obvious that these 10 are well on their way to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

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