Mar 9, 2021
Flossie Rubinstein

The feminist movement of the 1960s led to women entering the workplace in massive numbers, and over the past 60+ years, men have become extremely talented at making women feel incredibly welcome, comfortable, and respected at work. 

For example, the average office temperature has always been around 71 degrees, which is the temperature that men prefer. It has been known for several years that women prefer the office temperature around 77 degrees, however because men don’t want their female colleagues to feel like they are being acquiesced to, average office temperature remains at 71.

At Catalyst, we want to do our part to continue supporting women’s experience at work, so in honor of Women’s History Month, we asked some of the women at Catalyst what their favorite questions to be asked on work calls are and here are their top answers:

Are you married? - Sydney from CS

Why don't you smile more? - Victoria from Support

What does your husband think of you working? - Jess from People

Does your husband teach you a lot of tips and tricks about product management? - Julia from Product

Is that your last name or your husband’s? - Sara from Marketing

Are you wearing a headband because your hair is dirty? When's the last time you washed it? - Linda from Engineering

Do you mind taking notes for the call? - Brooke from People

Would you be willing to plan the team party / baby shower / etc.? - Stacy from Sales

How comfortable are you working with men? - Sha from Engineering

How do you balance work and family? - Susan from Product

Are you ok making 70% of what your male colleagues make? - Alexandra from People

How are you going to help level up the females here? - Alissa from Sales

Wow! How do you have time to make dinner for your family? - Diana from CS

To all the men out there, remember to pull up this list the next time you’re meeting with a woman and want to make a great first impression! Also, make sure to check out The Unicornian's next piece in this series "5 Ways To Tell If Your Female Colleague Secretly Likes You"

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