Feb 24, 2021
Mindy Clark

Podcasting has exploded over the past few years, reaching new heights due to the pandemic. People used to listen to podcasts on their commute to and from work, but now with so many people working from home, there is no one to listen to podcasts anymore.

At the same time, people are looking for things to do at home, while simultaneously figuring out how they can still get attention from other people. As one new podcaster, Chester J. Broseph, says: “I was reading that article about how Spotify bought Joe Rogan’s podcast for like, $100 Million, and it occurred to me that I’m also really funny, and I have funny friends, so like, why not give it a shot?”

Chester is not alone. In the wave that followed the acquisition of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, over 150 new podcasts began launching every day, covering topics ranging from How to Make A Gender-Neutral Birdfeeder to Why Nicolas Cage Should Be President.

It can clearly be seen in this latest report that as the number of podcasts has increased, the number of people listening to podcasts has gone down. Now there is just 1 person listening to all the podcasts out there, and unfortunately we are not able to identify who this mystery hero is. Will things return to normal after the pandemic? Will people ever stop loving the sound of their own voice? Will anyone tell stamps.com they can stop sponsoring podcasts because literally no one cares? Only time will tell.

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