Mar 4, 2021
Olli Thatcher Camacho

NEW YORK, NY - Cheryl Rockman had interviewed her fair share of employees and she thought she’d heard it all. That is at least, until she was interviewing a candidate for a Customer Success Manager position, who gave such a shocking answer to one of her questions, that she was forced to reevaluate everything she thought she knew about recruiting.

According to Cheryl, when asked about their biggest strengths and weaknesses, “people most often say their biggest strengths are that they are organized, or good at relationship building, or can make a pivot table in Excel.” Conversely, she said, “people often say their biggest weaknesses are that they are perfectionists, they overwork, or they have a tendency to become such good friends with their coworkers that it can be distracting.” 

But Julie Sanderson, the candidate in question, said none of those things.

When asked about her biggest strengths, Julie told Cheryl “I’m hyper-organized, I love working with data, and I’m great at creative problem solving.” A standard answer...Cheryl then proceeded to the next question, “what are your biggest weaknesses?” 

And that’s when things got weird. According to Cheryl, Julie responded “I’m not very good at gauging how long a task will take me to finish.”

Cheryl didn’t know what to think. She told The Unicornian “On the one hand, I liked that she was honest. On the other hand, I was told not to hire anyone with any weaknesses, so what am I supposed to do now?” Cheryl says that she thought about it for several days before ultimately quitting her own job and getting her realtor license. She said “I couldn’t make up my mind, so I decided to leave to avoid the issue altogether.”

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