Apr 8, 2021
Otis Thaddeus

CHICAGO, IL - A man has been awarded the “Least Irritating Man In The World” award for reading a business book and not posting about it on all of his social media channels. Walter Stevens wasn’t setting out to become a hero when he purchased Start With Why by Simon Sinek, but a hero he became after finishing the book and then simply moving on with his life without telling everyone he knew.

His startling actions left many people asking questions like “How will we know that he reads books then?” and “Should we still call him a thought leader even though he didn’t write a recap blog post?” These critical questions and several more remain unanswered, and Stevens refused to be interviewed by The Unicornian, simply stating “I don’t know why you’d want to interview me. All I did was read a book.”

The “Least Irritating Man In The World” award is given once a year to an individual selected by the Irritation Institute in Prague. The previous winner in 2020 was Katherine Williams of Boise, Idaho, who went for a run and didn’t share her distance/time on Instagram.

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