May 6, 2021
Koko Tran

Recruiting is a difficult task, and one of the biggest factors that influences potential applicants is the language used in the job description, which is why applicant tracking software Brocruiter recently conducted a study on this very topic. 

Brocruiter CEO, Chad Wakeboard told The Unicornian “It’s our mission to help companies find and retain dope employees, so we gotta do our part to filter out the posers from the legit dudes.”

The first step in the research process was determining how to objectively identify target applicants. Wakeboard explained “we knew that everyone at Brocruiter was an all-star, so we just used our own team as the sample group.” This research showed that the ideal employee is likely to:

  • Wear a beanie year-round
  • Own a longboard
  • Know exactly 3 chords on the guitar
  • Drink kombucha
  • Vape on planes and be proud of getting away with it

But the bigger question remained—how can companies encourage these high-performers to apply for their roles? “So,” Wakeboard elaborated, “we experimented with different wording in job descriptions and found that descriptions containing the following words resulted in higher numbers of dope applicants.

  • Ninja
  • Guru
  • Rockstar
  • Wizard
  • Genius
  • Shaman
  • Necromancer

As Wakeboard explained, “Who wouldn’t want to be a Sales Guru, a Customer Success Rockstar, or a Revenue Necromancer?”

Recruiting will always be a challenge for growing companies, but with companies like Brocruiter working hard to tackle the talent gap, the outlook of the job market is bright. For more information on this study or to retain Brocruiter’s services, go to

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