Jul 12, 2021
Otis Thaddeus

After a recent experiment in Iceland demonstrated that a 4-day workweek made employees more productive and happier, tech startup Flimflam decided to up the ante by launching a no-day workweek.

Flimflam founder Jessica Lozenge told The Unicornian “If shortening the workweek by 1 day results in a 10% productivity boost, then shortening it by 5 days should produce a 50% or more productivity boost. It’s just simple math.”

The company’s announcement has been met with both positive and negative reactions. Employees are thrilled, but customers are confused as to when and how they will receive the services they are paying for.

Many tech companies have launched shorter workweeks and implemented minimum paid time off quotas for employees, but are no-day workweeks the future? Only time will tell.

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