Apr 1, 2022
Norma Jean

NEW YORK, NY - Catalyst Software has launched a controversial new product for remote workers around the world: backless shirts.

At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was excited by the idea that they no longer needed to wear pants. They could attend Zoom meetings wearing just a shirt and underwear… or no underwear if they really wanted to live on the edge.

But now more than two years into the pandemic, pantless Zoom calls have lost their lustre.

Enter backless shirts.

Backless shirts have a front, a collar, and sleeves, but no back panel. This allows for maximum comfort and ventilation, while still giving your colleagues the impression that you are fully dressed in business casual attire.

Catalyst is known for its leading Customer Success platform, so entering the apparel space is a major departure for them. When asked why they made the jump, Catalyst CEO Edward Chiu explained, “Look, at the end of the day, we want our customers to be successful. And it’s hard to succeed when you are uncomfortable. Imagine you’re on a customer call and you can’t stop sweating because your clothes are just too hot. Your customer will think you’re nervous or being dishonest and they might cancel their contract.”

Chiu continued, “With backless shirts, we can help end the massive problem of sweating during customer calls due to lack of ventilation, and help CSMs everywhere increase their revenue retention.”

When asked what will be coming next, Catalyst said it has begun collaborating with Zoom on a new filter that superimposes hyper-realistic clothing onto the subject so that people will no longer need to wear any clothes at all when attending meetings.

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