Jun 9, 2021
Norma Jean

A new trend is taking the tech world by storm and they’re called “unvirtual events.”

One of the leading companies in the space, FaceMeet, markets itself as an “unvirtual event platform.” We sat down with CEO Helen Freling to try to better understand this new movement and what it means for the tech industry as a whole.

When asked to explain the concept of unvirtual events, Freling explained “it’s all about taking the virtual into reality. We’ve spent so long attending events virtually, it’s about time we made the virtual...unvirtual.

Many have voiced their criticisms of FaceMeet, pointing out that unvirtual events are just regular in-person events, but Freling disagrees....

“In-person events and unvirtual events are entirely different things. At in-person events, you’re going somewhere in-person, you’re eating and drinking in-person, watching someone speak on stage in-person, and then you’re going home. At an unvirtual event, you’re leaving the virtual world to explore the unvirtual. You’re eating and drinking unvirtually, watching someone speak unvirtually, and then you go home where you can either return to the virtual world or remain unvirtual.”

Eager not to miss a potential brand new category of tooling, venture capital firms have jumped at the opportunity to invest in a full suite of tools built to power unvirtual events. 

Are unvirtual events here to stay? Or are they just another flash in the pan? Only time will tell.

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