Feb 23, 2021
Jack D.J. Dosio

AUSTIN, TX - 5 years ago, everyone was worried about Millennials in the workplace. Companies were hiring consultants, adopting new company practices and culture initiatives to make their workforce happy and productive. The world didn’t know what was coming next though with Generation Z. Generation Z exhibits levels of sensitivity, insecurity, and neediness that is beyond what researchers ever thought possible. One HR Manager we spoke with told us that she’d learned that in order to give constructive feedback to her company’s Gen Z team members, they required a ratio of 5 compliments for every 1 piece of feedback. Any less than that, and the team member would quit shortly thereafter.

Enter the hot new startup: BabyMe. BabyMe pitches itself as “the Uber for feelings” and offers a variety of services to insecure Gen Z’ers. Their most popular package, BabyNightNight, allows customers to have a BabyMe team member come to their apartment at night, tuck them into bed, kiss them on the forehead, and tell them that they did a great job today. The cost for this service? Just $300/month. Some critics say the cost is too high, but Gen Z’ers claim it is a small price to pay for self-esteem, and that older generations would have spent that money on cable TV or knitting materials anyway.

BabyMe has already passed the coveted $1 Billion valuation mark, and there are rumors of an upcoming IPO. Investors believe that generations to come will only become more and more sensitive, so they are betting big on BabyMe as they continue to grow and roll out additional services like tummy raspberries, the tickle monster, storytime, and more.

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