Jun 22, 2021
Koko Tran

When Patagonia announced last week that it would be at least 2 months before their puffer vests would be back in stock, one could almost hear the cries of anguish emanating from Silicon Valley.

Venture Capitalists are distraught and unsure of what they can now wear that will immediately identify them as VCs. “It’s sheer madness,” one prominent investor said. “What am I supposed to do? Start making clothing out of term sheets? Because I’ve already tried that, and I was freezing all day.”

Additionally, there have been many complaints about having arms being too warm and chests being too cold. Some VCs are wearing full jackets, while others are now just wearing shirts. Patagonia maintains that nothing can be done to speed up production, and they’re advising that everyone just stay strong for the next couple of months until the crisis is over.

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