Nov 28, 2021
Flossie Rubinstein

Picture it. You’re on a Zoom call, there are 8 other people in the meeting, you’ve got multiple tabs open, including Slack and your email, and just as you finish reading the Slack message that just popped up, someone on the call asks you for your opinion. What do you say? You have no idea what they want your opinion on because you were distracted. 

We’ve all been there, which is why we’ve put together this list of responses for when you need to say something but you have no idea what was just said or asked.

  1. You cut out for a second…

  1. Sorry, [insert CEO name] just messaged me and I got distracted.

  1. [Strokes chin thoughtfully until they say more]

  1. Sorry my airpods were connecting…

  1. Interesting...can you give me a bit more detail/context?

  1. Hmm can you ask that in a different way? Not sure I fully understand

  1. One sec sorry, there’s a [insert wild animal] in my backyard and I want to make sure my dog is inside.

  1. I’m not sure…[insert colleague’s name], what do you think?

  1. It’s an interesting thought…[trails off into silence]

  1. I’m not sec sorry my [insert dog, cat, or child] needs my help.

Just remember, above all, the key is confidence. If you say any of the aforementioned lines (or one you came up with yourself!) confidently, people will buy it. So keep checking slack, reading the news, and online shopping during your team meetings. You got this!

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